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The Edges of Society in Kenya (in a weekend)

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Over the Easter weekend a good friend (Ben) and I spent a couple of nights an hour out of Nairobi. Despite the primary goal of “getting a way from it all”, the short excursion ended up showing several aspects of Kenyan culture not always visible from the day to day:

The Chinese influence, a hangover from the colonial era, and the emerging Kenyan middle class.

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A week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Reading Time: 9 minutes

At the beginning of November I spent a week in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

As covered in the previous post, I was there connecting with businesses about training their teams to be effective and efficient in data analytics, and between meetings was able to get a decent impression of the city.

This post covers the key aspects that became apparent when I came to jotting down thoughts on the trip.

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Moving to Africa: one year on

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Today I’m flying back to the UK for a month to catch up with friends, family and some clients I’ve been working with.

The date on the plane ticket is a year to the day from when I took a flight in the opposite direction and touched down in East Africa for the first time and so it therefore feels like an apt time to reflect on the last 12 months, and take stock of what’s been going on.

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What Technology Wants (…in Rural Kenya)

Reading Time: 5 minutes

I’ve spent the last few days living in a village in Western Kenya.

It’s been an excellent experience that’s not only opened up what’s happening in another part of the country, but also reminded me of some concepts I’ve been reading about recently.

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Finding a Decent Profile Pic in Western Canada

Reading Time: 8 minutes

In a slight detour from the East Africa Business journey, I’m updating this week with what I got up to over the festive period.

Continuing the tradition of ostensibly treating all forms of travel as being the search for a decent profile picture, this is an evaluation of how the Western part of Canada fares.

It’s broken it down into various aspects of the culture I interacted with for those also interested in finding a beaut pic there.

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Motorbikes: the extensive market for Ugandan two wheelers with Pankaj Tiwari from Miracle Motors

Reading Time: 3 minutes

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East Africa Miscellany

Reading Time: 6 minutes

In writing a blog post each week about what I learn around East Africa, I invariably keep notes on little things that I see/hear.

Not all of these fit in with a particular topic and so have (until now) remained unpublished.

As I close in on evaluating the different countries, this post is an aggregate of the bits which have “fallen between the gaps”. Expect to learn about facial expressions, mosquito preferences¬†and Japanese horoscopes…

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Tanzania: An Introduction

Reading Time: 6 minutes

This post is the last country profile that I’ll be doing for now as I close in on my evaluation of East Africa.

It covers some of the different aspects of Tanzania, such as its size, history, and whether it can indeed be considered as being in East Africa…

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A Tourist Guide to Kenya (without Safari)

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Safari means “to travel” in Swahili and has evolved into more or less anything where you move around to look at animals. It is a prime activity in our search for a Decent Profile Pic.

Kenya is one of the international hotspots for going on safari and yet despite being here for a month I didn’t undertake such a trip.

I did, however, manage a few other DPP-related activities which this post is all about.

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Kenya: An Introduction

Reading Time: 5 minutes

This is a post that gives some background on the country of Kenya, the third of my trip across East Africa, and described by many as the most developed in the region.

In this, we cover some of the fundamentals of what Kenya is all about.

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