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Web Services: creating Paperless Systems in Tanzania with Mbelwa Mchayungu from Geek Technologies

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Business Skills: teaching entrepreneurship in rural Tanzania with Victoria John from Living Labs

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Off-beaten Tours: breaking new ground in Tanzanian travel with Mejah Mbuya from Afriroots

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The “Try Before You Buy” East Africa Tour: in Review

Today I’m flying back to England to see friends and family for Christmas.

This post summarises the time spent travelling between Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania as I worked out the various opportunities that existed in the region

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Why I’m choosing Kenya (visa permitting…)

Over the past four months I’ve traveled through Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, evaluating each in terms of where I would like to live for the next few years building a business.

After spending three and a half months keeping my mind open to all options (that I felt were morally acceptable), in Zanzibar I began to crunch through everything that I had learned, and switched focus towards fleshing out a plan of action for what I was going to do.

This post is about how I came to the decision of picking Kenya as the place to base myself from (once I get a visa).

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Tanzania: An Introduction

This post is the last country profile that I’ll be doing for now as I close in on my evaluation of East Africa.

It covers some of the different aspects of Tanzania, such as its size, history, and whether it can indeed be considered as being in East Africa…

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