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Update on what I’m working on

Since touching down back in Kenya in late August there have been some developments on the work front.

After a year or so of doing freelance consulting, and nurturing different business ideas it got to the stage where I fancied shaking things up and actually cracking on with some of the opportunities I’d been telling everyone that I was seeing.

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The Kenya Business Scene

Of all the places I’ve been to on my East African tour, Kenya has been the most business-y.

Nairobi itself is quite a metropolis, with recognisable multinational names tagging onto tall, glass buildings around the city. What’s more, there’s a pretty busy start up culture meaning it isn’t uncommon to see an office with exposed brickwork, foosball tables and a beer fridge.  Continue reading

The Uganda Business Scene

In this post I will look to give an overview of what is happening from a business perspective in the country of Uganda.

This is written through the lens of evaluating different countries in East Africa as I seek out business opportunities in the region.

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The Rwandan Start Up Scene

This post is about newly formed businesses in Rwanda.

With a view of starting my own (either here, or elsewhere in the region), I have an interest in understanding “the scene” as deeply as possible: this post distills what I’ve learnt so far.

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