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Smoothies: a small (but growing) Rwandan enterprise selling healthy juices, with Anitha Dusabe of Twistiblendz

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Irrigation Systems: an overview of innovations in how farmers in Rwanda water their crops, with Flavia Howard

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Cooked Beans: the food business of bean processing in Rwanda, with Christian Heremans of FarmFresh

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Food Delivery: the logistics of delivering produce in Rwanda via WhatsApp, with Lauren Russell of GetIt

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Toothpicks: a market evaluation of the toothpick industry in East Africa, with Olly Cassels


There’s a surprisingly interesting business to be had in little wooden sticks. Like much of the region, toothpicks are a staple at nearly every restaurant in Rwanda and this is a discussion about the industry operates.

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Solar Power Systems: one of Rwanda’s leading solar panel companies, with Justus Mucyo of BBOXX

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Business Accelerators: Rwanda’s first entrepreneurial hub, with Aphrodice Mutangana of kLab

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The Rwandan Start Up Scene

This post is about newly formed businesses in Rwanda.

With a view of starting my own (either here, or elsewhere in the region), I have an interest in understanding “the scene” as deeply as possible: this post distills what I’ve learnt so far.

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Cycling (some of) the Congo Nile Trail to Lake Kivu

Despite having recently updated the profile picture a fortnight earlier at an open volcano, I felt it was prudent to keep up momentum in my pursuit of a decent profile pic.

Monday was to be the equivalent of a bank holiday giving us a long weekend to explore other regions in the country.

Around Saturday lunchtime myself, Olly, Marcus and Olivia jumped in the car and headed west towards Lake Kivu.

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Rwanda: A Bit More

In this post I’ll be covering some of the less obvious aspects of residing in Kigali, Rwanda, ranging from bicycles, plastic bags and tarmac.

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