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Hypothesis on sugary tobacco vs sports betting in Kenya

There’s a concept in economics of substitute goods. Basically if the demand one for one product goes, demand for another goes down.

If pasta becomes super popular then you might see sales in couscous go down (substitute good). Other products though, such as tomato sauce, may instead go up in demand (complementary goods).

Anyway, two conversations last week made me think there might be such a relationship going on between two slightly contentious products in East Africa, which could have some interesting implications…

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For the most part, I dress incredibly boring.

I’d say 280/365 days a year I wear the same (type of) blue chino trousers, and will rotate a few basic T-shirts/ jumpers depending on the season. Which in Kenya, ranges from bit chilly – quite hot – pretty hot.

When it comes to shoes, I was very much the same, basically something comfortable (yet undistinctive).

This changed when I met Julius.

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Mini Mango Adventure

A series of events led to me being able to take a day off work yesterday.

I decided to spend it going to a mango farm about an hour out of Nairobi to scope out its commercial potential.

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Video Games: Africa prepares for the $bn gaming market, with Nathan Masyuko from Ludique Works

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Software developers: relocating top African talent into European tech teams, with Sebastiaan Tan from Caspar Coding

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Lunch with my cleaning lady

On Saturday I went for lunch with the lady who cleans my apartment and her sister at their home in Kibera: one of the big informal settlements in Nairobi.

The conversations and anecdotes that came from our afternoon were rich with the colour of the lives they’ve both lived, and the families they’re raising. On their permission, I’ve written the below.

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Supermarkets: formalising retail in East Africa, with Daniel Githua of Tuskys


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Tissue Paper: expanding one of East Africa’s top manufacturing groups with Darshan Chandaria of Chandaria Industries


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Walls: how a new technology building material will transform Kenyan housing, with Mburu Karanja


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Behavioural Economics: applying decision making insights to development with Chaning Jang from Busara Center


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