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Sprinting in Sri Lanka with DFS Lab

Reading Time: 4 minutes

In a break from summaries of industries in East Africa this post is a quick update about an interesting week that I’ve just spent in Sri Lanka.

I was there with Hilda (founder of Pezesha, company I worked with earlier in the year) helping to represent them at a bootcamp for start ups from around the world, all organised by DFS Lab.

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The Kenya Business Scene

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Of all the places I’ve been to on my East African tour, Kenya has been the most business-y.

Nairobi itself is quite a metropolis, with recognisable multinational names tagging onto tall, glass buildings around the city. What’s more, there’s a pretty busy start up culture meaning it isn’t uncommon to see an office with exposed brickwork, foosball tables and a beer fridge.  Continue reading

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