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Tanzania: An Introduction

This post is the last country profile that I’ll be doing for now as I close in on my evaluation of East Africa.

It covers some of the different aspects of Tanzania, such as its size, history, and whether it can indeed be considered as being in East Africa…

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Kenya: An Introduction

This is a post that gives some background on the country of Kenya, the third of my trip across East Africa, and described by many as the most developed in the region.

In this, we cover some of the fundamentals of what Kenya is all about.

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Uganda: An Introduction

As I continue my trip across the East Africa region I thought I would do a bit of research about the second country I’m visiting, along with some of my initial impressions of the place.
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Rwanda: An Introduction

Before I flew out, there were some pretty fundamental things about Rwandan every day life that I was unaware of. Things like what language is spoken, what food is eaten and what is the local currency.

Now that I have at least a bit of sense of how things work I thought I’d write them up in case you ever find yourself on a flight out to the country and need to get up to speed.

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