As more of East Africa goes online, they need web services.

The trend is towards broader access to the internet and with that
a demand towards bringing more and more offline interactions into the digital world.

In Tanzania, this is exactly what Geek Technologies are doing

Mbelwa and I discuss the trend towards making services digital, how they win customers and why they decided to name their business Geek Technologies

It’s an insightful interview about technology in the country, and so I hope you enjoy

Here are some of the key quotes:


“After graduating I started Geek Technologies with my friends”

The core services we provide are graphic design, website design and software development. We also do PC Maintainence etc.

“Our team is nine”

The three founders and then six part time workers who undertake specific functions such as marketing.

“We do not market ourselves Face-to-Face”

Instead we focus on getting customers through social media platforms and advertising agencies. We have about 50 customers.

“Paperless Hospital System is my favourite project”

It’s all about making things more efficient in hospitals by using digital processes, helping save lives, and increasing incomes.

“We just said ‘Paperless'”

When it came to winning this big contract, we convinced the person at the hospital that this was the best way forward. As it was our first customer, we went to them.

“Trusting start ups is the biggest lesson”

Customers really want to learn that you are doing all of the professional things and that they can entrust you. This helps by being as open as possible. Never lie.

“University and the internet”

This is how we learnt how to do the skills that we now provide for customers.

“To redesign a website it’ll roughly cost $200”

Most companies can afford this, however for private clients that’s probably quite restrictive.

“Personal communications are now online”

Very few companies using social media for business purposes, and so we are finding good results when people see our adverts.

“Digital data is a big prize”

The country is instilling a movement where more and more services are going to move online. The Tanzania Backbone is the nation’s fibre optic internet connection that is being installed.

“‘Geek Technologies’ needs to stand out”

The word is still thought of as “a bit weird”, but we’re happy with that. Not everyone knows what it means, but we tell people that it’s about the person who uses computers to maximum. That’s us.


Social Media Follows etc.

Paperless Hospital System: case study

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