We’ve got a slightly different format for this episode – it’s a recording of a talk that I gave on a recent trip back to London.

It was held at a co-working space (@huckletree) to an audience of people interested in learning more about the business scene in East Africa.

We have a bit an intro and overview of the main industries in the region before delving into a few other topics which haven’t really been covered so far on the podcast

  • Some thoughts around how technology in the region is being adopted quicker, leapfrogging the developed world
  • How the education system means it can be difficult to hire in East Africa
  • And a discussion around the implications of Brexit and the Trump election on the region

About half way through we get to Q & As which, in my opinion is the best bit as we get to cover some more contextual questions of the business scene.

Some of the questions might be a bit tricky to pick up, but you should be able to work out what’s going on from the resulting discussion.

In any case, this is a slightly longer episode than you might be used to, but with the diversity of topics we cover, I hope you find it useful.

If you have any thoughts, questions or comments, just drop me a message on Twitter @Sam_Floy or by email podcast@samfloy.com


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