So… after a few months away The East Africa Business Podcast is coming back, with more interviews from entrepreneurs and business leaders on the ground in this exciting part of the world.

On Thursday we’ll be going live with an interview with Sam Kamande, Head of Data at mSurvey. A company leveraging technology and big data to help businesses improve their customer experience.

It’s a great episode, and we even get onto the topic of wearing mascara.

After that we’ll have the usual assortment of in depth interviews from diverse industries, including a few from Ethiopia, which is a fascinating place when it comes to business.

We’ll learn how challenging it is to implement business models common in other parts of the world, namely ride hailing (i.e. Uber) and restaurant delivery (i.e. Deliveroo), and importantly the strategies entrepreneurs there are taking to overcome.

As one of them said, “if we can make it in Ethiopia, we can make it anywhere in Africa”

Staying updated

In terms of some housekeeping there are a few things to update you on.

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You can find it by searching for: The East Africa Business Podcast

On there we’ll also be resharing episodes from the archives, and so it’ll be a good way to keep an eye out on an interesting topic or business that you may wish to learn more from.

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So, I’ll leave it at that for now.

Keep an eye out for a new episode hitting your podcast inbox on Thursday 25th January, and look forward to speaking to you then.