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Long lunches

This is just a quick post updating on how I’ve recently been justifying why it’s perfectly acceptable taking two hours over lunch, with a bit of insight into the Kenyan culture of “doing business with who you know”.

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Meditating on what to do next

After getting to the stage of deciding that Kenya had won as the place I wanted to “do business” in the new year, I sat down and began writing down all of the things I would need to work out.

There were work permits, people to meet, ideas to weigh up, research to do, things I knew I needed to do, things I thought well, maybe, I don’t need to do, what to have for breakfast…

and I basically realised it could all get quite overwhelming.

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Why I am moving to Africa

In a few weeks I’ll be taking a one-way flight to Rwanda to see what happens.

I’ve left my job, given up my flat and will be landing in a continent I have been to only once, when I was 11 years old.

The people I’ve spoken to have, understandably, had some questions about such a decision, and so I thought I would get down in words the recurring themes that come out when I tell them.

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Default Vegetarianism

An approach to eat less of a certain food type, without cutting it out completely

I’ve recently been having conversations with people about my approach to eating meat, and so I thought I’d condense my thoughts about it, in case anyone else was interested.

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